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FUNdamental Group Training


Players learn to play by building skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing, catching, recognition and communication. We teach them how to have FUN through skill-building games that train the proper focus, form and control to improve their abilities.


Champion Group Training

LEVEL 2 | AGES 10-11 | 90 MIN SESSION 

Champion Training Sessions help players have a greater impact on & off the court. We work on basketball I.Q. through note-taking, presentations and breaking down game video in addition to the on-court development of ball control, shooting, defense and decision making through games.


Prime Group Training


Prime Sessions are 20% Skill Work & 80% Game Play. Players build fundamentals through drills for ball control & shooting. We have a priority on improving decision making and leadership skills through small-sided games (1v1, 3v3, etc.)


Power Group Training

LEVEL 4 | AGES 14-15 | 90 MIN SESSION 

Power Sessions develop aggressiveness & assertiveness with intense drills while building your understanding of the game by clarifying the reason for each task. We focus on individual impact using ball control, shooting, performance development & small-sided games for decision making & leadership.


Playmaker Group Training


Playmaker Sessions are for high school players who want a great experience in high school and possibly qualify to play in college. We spend 80% of the time on ball control, volume shooting, footwork, finishes & Vertimax performance training. The remaining 20% of the time is allotted for small-sided games.


Game Changer Group Training


Game Changer sessions are for serious athletes who intend on playing professionally or in adult leagues for serious athletes. Development is pinpointed on very specific areas of need and at the high level of intensity. These players utilize the Vertimax Platform to develop greater explosiveness and Dr. Dish Shooting Machine for high volume shooting.



1 Training Session – $45


SILVER –  4 Sessions – $160/ Month

GOLD –  8 Sessions – $295/ Month

PLATINUM –  12 Sessions – $375/ Month



Coach Q has been training our kids for years. He is the complete package! Teaches all the physical stuff like fundamentals, strength, speed and conditioning along with all the mental stuff like basketball IQ, love of the game and the mental discipline to achieve your goals. He has a unique approach to each player as he understands what they respond to. He truly cares about his players, mentors them and always teaches respect and independent thinking. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch trainer!

Christopher Pombo

My daughter has been training with Coach Q for the last 4 years and I could not be any happier with our experience. My daughter’s skills have steadily improved, as well as her love of the game. I am most impressed with how the focus is to develop not only a great player, but a great leader. I have seen her apply what she has learned on the court, on the field, and in school. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!!

Joan Quagliata

Q has been an amazing coach and mentor for my daughter. He improved her skills tremendously, but more importantly he has instilled the mental mindset needed to play the sport at a higher level. He has pushed her to a level that will allow her to play in college! And he is exactly what every coach/trainer should be – a players biggest critic and also biggest fan.

Georgia Glasser-Nehls

My daughter has trained with different Coaches and trainers, and Coach Q truly surpasses all of them. From the skills he teaches them for the basketball court and outside of the court, to the importance of being a family/team members and a good human being in society. Coach Q is a phenomenal person and I know first hand that what he teaches, sticks to the kids. I got to hear my child say exactly what I thought myself, that BBall Life Basketball Training is not just about learning the fundamentals of basketball, it’s about learning about yourself and life.

Vanessa Diaz

My experience from day one with Q has been great. My skill level has tremendously improved as well as my confidence. Resulting in dominant game performances and thorough knowledge of the game. Im a much better player than I was months ago.

Darryl Robinson II

Coach Q is fantastic! My daughter has learned a lot about the sport, collaborating with peers and leadership skills. Before this, my daughter was not much in sports, but now she is very excited to attend the sessions and practice in the nearby gym. Q is great with kids and he knows exactly what it takes to get the best from his students. Thank you Q!

Satyanand Madakshira

Our experience with Coach Q has been AWESOME! My son wasn’t sure if he wanted to take lessons as some of the camps he has attended recently were very disappointing. But in just the first 5 minutes with Coach Q, it was clear to see that he was engaged and focused on everything Coach was saying and every drill he led him through. When the lesson ended, the first thing my son wanted to know was when can I come back? But the thing that I love the most about Coach Q is that he found a way to relate everything that he was teaching on the court to life lessons off the court and with these younger players, that’s what it’s all about. We’ve definitely found the coach that we’re going to be sticking with for years to come!

Gina Bilotti

Coach Q’s unique training method has helped my son greatly improve in his abilities and knowledge of the game. It has provided him with opportunities to practice and acquire skills to be successful in life. These include the benefits of hard work, paying attention to details,  leadership, teamwork and accountability.  With the help of Coach Q, my son has been able to shine on the basketball court and in the classroom.  It was amazing to hear my son’s teachers talk about how he applied the life skills he’s acquired and practiced with Coach Q. At BBall Life, you will be working with a coach that has superior basketball knowledge with the personality and ability to present it in ways that all ages and skill levels can understand and apply.

Bryan Pope